When a family is moving to Apopka, they usually want to find the best Apopka neighborhoods before settling down. Whether this means a safe neighborhood, one close to schools, or one with friendly neighbors, they want to do their research before they pick a house. The first of the best Apopka neighborhoods is the Zellwood and Tangerine areas. The majority of the homes in these areas range from studio apartments to 4 bedroom homes. These areas are perfect for a single person or for a large family. There are varieties of small families and large families in the Zellwood and Tangerine areas. The homes that make up these neighborhoods are considered to be established. A lot of people think the term “established” also means old. That is not the case for these neighborhoods. These homes might be established but they are still trendy and retro. The older homes can be found in other areas. A lot of the people who reside in these areas are only there for a few months out of the year. This means you will have a lot of neighbors for a few months then have some peace and quiet for the remainder of the year. The people who live in these areas are considered to be in the middle to lower class on the financial spectrum. This means you don’t have to make a ton of money to feel comfortable with your neighbors. Some neighborhoods are filled with wealthy families who think they are better than everyone. The families you will see in these neighborhoods are down to earth and will welcome a new family with open arms.

My personal 3 favorite neighborhoods in Apopka:

  • Rock Springs Ridge
  • Bluegrass Estates
  • Sweetwater West

If you are looking for a larger house in a more populated area, look no further than the Balmy Beach and Holliday areas. These are some of the best Apopka neighborhoods out there. They are primarily composed of large family homes with at least 3 bedrooms. If you have a large family with multiple children, these neighborhoods are ideal for you. The majority of the homes in these areas are occupied during the entire year. This means you will always have neighbors to hang out with and talk to. If you want to reside in a family friendly neighborhood, the Balmy Beach and Holliday areas are great. There are community events all of the time and the neighbors like to do things together. Some of the other neighborhoods in Apopka don’t have that many people populating them. This means if you want to hang out with your neighbors, you might not be able to. Another great thing about this area is the amount of free-standing homes. The difference between a free-standing home and a home that is not free-standing is the amount of yard space. If you have a lot of kids you probably need a decent sized backyard to keep them occupied. A free-standing home will have tons of yard space to utilize. A home that is not free-standing will be attached to another home. When this is the case, there is no room for playgrounds or other children activities.

If you are searching for the best neighborhoods in Apopka, make sure you don’t settle. Consider all areas for you real estate search. If you have certain criteria you want to meet, you should not stop looking until you have met those criteria. If you do end up settling, you might regret it after you have moved in and completely paid for the house.