There are tons of different Apopka events to keep you entertained during your visit or during your night off from work. One of the more popular Apopka events to attend is the annual car show. This show showcases many different types of cars from all eras. You will be able to see classic cars that people have restored or even ones that need to be restored. The classic cars bring some people back to the olden days. There are also cars that have been considered to be antique. These are the cars that look like they shouldn’t be able to run but they do. The specialty cars you will see range from tiny cars to movie classics. There is something for every car buff out there. There are different prizes and awards given out to these cars for many different categories. Some of these cars qualify for the 1986 and older vehicles. A lot of the younger people have never seen these cars before because they were before their time. To witness a piece of history, make sure to bring your family to these car shows.

Another one of the Apopka events you can attend is the annual fair. This is a great event for people of all ages. There are games for the young kids, games for the parents and rides for all ages. The fair usually comes to Apopka around the beginning of March. You can either purchase tickets for the rides and some of the games or you can purchase a wristband for the rides. If you have children who live for riding these crazy rides, you would benefit from purchasing the wristband instead of individual tickets. These games range from simple games for kids to difficult games for adults. Each game will have a list of different prizes you can win. You can win anything from a small picture to a huge stuffed bear. If you are not interested in the games or the rides, there will be many vendors to look at. One of the best things about a fair is the food that comes with it. You will find your favorite fair foods at this fair. You can let your children ride as many rides as they want while you kick back and listen to one of the local bands. There will be live music every night and even some dancing. If you have time, you should check out the Apopka fair when it comes to town.

An annual pageant is also held in Apopka each year. There is a pageant for just about each age group. The pageants are divided into 3 different categories. The first category is called the Apopka’s cutie pie. This is for the younger girls to compete in a pageant. Each young girl will have to submit an application before the deadline with the required materials. If you just want to watch, you can attend the pageant for a set fee. This is a great event to see the younger girls get all dressed up. It is also a great chance for these girls to play dress up and live out their fantasies. The next category is called the Little Miss Apopka. This is for the girls who are in elementary and middle school. They will need to also submit an application with the required materials. A lot of young girls want to be beauty queens. Now they can compete in a harmless pageant for the town. For the teenage girls, they can compete in the Miss Teen Apopka. Each pageant is held at the same location. This location is the Apopka Chief and the Planter. Whether you are entering your daughter into the pageant or want to cheer on a friend, you will enjoy this series of pageants. The Apopka events are always updating with the latest and greatest trends.